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Join any upcoming 3-Day Live Training & Receive Everything You Need To buy Your 1st 3-5 Unit Property Using NONE of Your Own Money... 
(And even pull out $3,000 at closing)
Claim Your Discount On
Virtually Invest & Start Your Journey to Financial Freedom
Join Any Upcoming 3-Day Live Training & Receive Everything You Need To Buy Your 1st 3-5 Unit Property Using
NONE Of Your Own Money... 
(and even pull out $3,000 at closing)
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Student Success Stories 

I now have 2 properties under contract using NONE of my own money - thanks Marco!

- Ryan

We've been able to retire in our 30's!

- Kyle & Janie

This week I got another property under contract. It doesn’t matter what age you are, where you are, or
how much money you might have - if you have a
chance, use this because you’ll never regret it.

- Laurier
- Bob & Barb
- Frank & Linda, and Stephanie
- Marrianne & Daniel

Risk Free Money-Back Guarantee

Attend the 1st day LIVE and if you don't love it for any reason, I'll refund every penny.
buy a 3-5 unit property using none of your own money & Make $600 - $1,000 Monthly Cashflow from it for life...
And that’s only the beginning…

You see, results are all that matters to me. And I’ve spent over 20 years making HUGE money for myself and my students.

Now I want to get those SAME results for you.

And if you show up… and do your part…

We’ll succeed at this TOGETHER.

First… by using my proven process…

You WILL buy a 3-5 unit property using none of your own money… and spending less than 5-10 hours per week.

Now, with your property generating ~$200 per unit in net profit per month…

You’ll enjoy an extra $7,000 - $10,000 per year (or more) in passive income.

And that’s just the start of your journey!

Once we lay down that foundation together…

You can repeat my process over and over to generate ENDLESS passive monthly revenue.

And you won’t believe just how fun real estate buying is…

Especially once you turn my process into your own “personal cash register”. (Where you can pull cash out of it as much as you like)

Many folks go on to buy 5, 10, 20 or even 50 properties once they get going. That’s well over 6 figures per year!

… And some even reach 7 figures! (It’s really your choice)

No job. No boss. And no more commuting to work everyday.

And here’s really the best part…

ANYONE can do this once I show them how “the game” works.

I’m giving YOU the tools to finally live life on YOUR terms.

In fact, here are just a few things we'll cover in the online course and live 3-day event:
  • ​Land that FIRST real estate deal in no time using my proven buyer’s fast track… that requires less hours per week than most people waste watching TV…
  • ​Gain access to “golden goose lists” of perfectly ideal sellers only insiders know about (I’ll show you exactly where to get them… plus, it’s 100% free)...
  • Developing a “cash flow mindset” erases ALL doubt, uncertainty or insecurity about turning real estate into a passive income machine (Literally anyone with a computer can do it)... 
  • My “5D Strategy” unlocks massive discounts in quality properties across the U.S, and you’ll end up with extra cash in hand the day you close on a property… even if you’ve never bought a single property in your life before… 
  • ​Gain an INSTANT advantage over the most seasoned seller with my proven reverse begging strategy — it literally makes the seller beg for an offer on their property… 
  • ​How to build yourself a “deal flow machine” in under 7 days. (Best part: You only need to build it ONCE… and then run it to spit out deal after deal for the rest of your life)... 
  • Why it’s sometimes forbidden to talk with a seller on the phone while negotiating a property (And how to avoid this deal-killing blunder)... 
  • My fun, simple formula tells you how much recurring revenue you’ll make on every property… in 4 seconds or less…
  • ​Why it’s actually simpler (and more profitable) to use ONLY 2 formulas when buying real estate… and NOTHING more!
  • ​My G.U.N. Method generates the most important number you’ll need when scoping out a property… and it makes its location, size, age and paint color completely irrelevant… 
  • ​Save several hours and thousands of dollars by asking the seller these 2 vital questions… BEFORE you even start talking about price…
  • ​Take the sting out of negotiating a property by following my offer triangle (Close the deal quickly without debating or analyzing)...
  • How the art of “lobster dominance'' signals to every seller that you’re in control of the deal… without coming across like a jerk… 
  • ​How Egyptian bargaining guarantees you’ll only pay the lowest prices for EVEN the most lucrative properties (And gives you an “unfair advantage” in all 50 states!)
  • The “lending secret” real estate tycoons don’t want you to know. You can lock in financing for 5, 6 or even 7-figure properties with zero credit or money down…
  • ​How to avoid falling prey to the “shark sellers”... who try to exploit new real estate buyers every time (It’s why 99% of newbies OVERPAY for properties)...
  • The magic question that shocks a seller into practically giving you their property (But please ONLY use this power with good intentions)...
  • My Impasse Trick forces the seller to say “no” to your offer... but WAIT! This actually gets you a LOWER price with BETTER terms by the time you close! (It’s magic!)
  • ​How to close deals inside 10 days or less using my “iron-clad contracts”. (It took me 20 years to develop these… and YOU can have them)...
  • How to use Google as your personal customer service without paying a single dime to them (You’ll easily sort out hundreds of prospective sellers in minutes!)...
  • My gap compression system gets you AND the seller to an agreeable price with ease… so you’ll NEVER lose the deal during that “critical moment”...
  • ​And much, much more…
And I’m SO confident you’ll be transformed into a “real estate buying master” after my 3-day seminar

I’m offering you a 100% Money Back Guarantee: Attend the 1st day LIVE or watch it online and if you don't love it for any reason… I'll refund every single penny.

Just fill out your information… then you can select which date works best…

And let’s start building you a “passive income machine”...

So you can start designing the life YOU want to live.

To your financial freedom,

WHAT's included:
- Live Online 3-Day Seminar - Attend Anytime
- Online Training Videos & Curriculum
- 2 Live Training Calls per Month
- Supporting Materials, Flow charts, Calculations, and PDFs

RISK-FREE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Attend the 1st day LIVE or Watch it Online and if you don't love it for any reason, I'll refund every penny with gratitude that you at least gave yourself a shot to give it a real chance.

+ BONUS #1: Include Up To 3 Family Members ($21,000 value)
+ BONUS #2: Get Started with the Online Course Today.
Not sure if these dates work for you? Lock in your special event discount TODAY, get started with the online course, and attend live anytime. We hold events every month except for a short break in the summer.
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