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"I now have 2 properties under contract using NONE of my own money - thanks Marco!"
- Ryan
"We've been able to retire in our 30's!"
- Kyle and Janie
"This guy is the REAL deal"
- Frank, Linda and Stephanie and Linda
" This week I got another property under contract. It doesn’t matter what age you are, where you are, or
how much money you might have - if you have a chance, use this because you’ll never regret it."
- Lourier
"I have terminal cancer, and want to take care of my son. We made $50,000 U.S while living in Australia thanks to Marco."
- Liam Oldfield
"I joined with Marco 3 months ago and already have 2 deals under contract. This is the best investment I've ever made."
- Jo and Roland
"He has some fantastic techniques to get you an outstanding deal. I regret not having done this sooner."
- Chris
"2 properties just closed last week!"
- Pradep
"I was able to acquire a 32 unit property in Indiana. We should net about 150k a year once completed"
- Ruben Castellano
"I trusted him (Marco) right away. He's a genius, sophisticated, and family oriented. The only one you could blame if you don't get results is YOU."
- Yan
"We got 2 deals within 2 months and recently closed on a package of 5 properties and a mobile home park."
- Olliver Carter
"I've been with Marco for 6 months and have already bought 8 properties and a 34-unit mobile home park. I also have a number of others under contract."
- Roland
"With the guidance of Marco we learned a lot so we're really comfortable doing even more deals on our own in the future - he taught us how to fish."
- Joe-Sherley Dawson
"One thing I can say about Marco is he's passionate about teaching and about students being successful."
- Usman
"Interesting how easy it was to do. It took away any apprehension I had about doing a deal."
- Walter
"I was a bit nervous and worried I wouldn't understand. Although the speed of teaching is fast, the language is very easy."
- Giovanna
"We were extremely skeptical at the start. But even with the few small easy deals you can get you could build up 4 - 5k passive and grow from there".
- Alexander
"Now I'm ready to make more money than my friends and family"
- Cito
"I was skeptical but life is about taking chances. I'm not happy working, so I'm here to make a change - and this isn't that hard."
- Louis
"I did quite a bit of research before I got here, and I felt secure because I couldn't find much negative things at all. Now, attending, I'm thoroughly impressed."
- Michelle
"Really excited! I came here to take what I'm currently doing to the next level. Anyone can do it, you just need someone to coach you through the steps."
- Gabriel-Oshawa
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